Engine room monitoring station


                                                        Engine room monitoring station

                                                        1. Purpose and main functions

                                                        Engine room monitoring (control) station is an important part of modern ship automatic control, which can detect the temperature, pressure, liquid level and other parameters of main and auxiliary machinery. Display and sound and light alarm for out of limit parameters.
                                                        The engine room monitoring (control) console meets the requirements of all levels of specifications, and can meet the requirements of various ship automation additional signs (BRC, MCC, outo).

                                                        2. Model meaning

                                                        3. Main functional units

                                                        Main and auxiliary equipment instrument and alarm indication unit (remote transmission instrument of main and auxiliary equipment, tachometer of main engine and stern shaft, etc.), double vision unit of vehicle clock, communication unit (sound power telephone, program-controlled telephone, engineer call, etc.), etc.